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Week wrap-up.

Last week was one of those weeks. I thought I had a cold, but it was a sinus infection, plus I had severe cases of swimmers ear. I didn’t know people that didn't swim could get it. Believe me since I’m visually impaired, I didn’t care for the ear infections.

We had a death in our family. A cousin’s wife died in a speedboat accident. ;( Very sad. I attended the funeral with my dad and Megan. Again, like with Steve Irwin…you simply must embrace your life and live every moment.

I finished my chapter for Lukewarm Psyche a Marissa project. Mo (Mari) and I are also working to get a submission in! Very exciting! Heart On His Sleeve is our first happy ever after!

Last night I wrote over a thousand words on a shapeshifter story.

Two weeks of movies:
I finally saw UNDERWORLD Evolution! I thought it was great! And did everyone notice the hot love scene? Think there’ll be another story? Maybe of a daughter?
TAKE THE LEAD with Antonio Banderas. First let me say I’ve been sighing dreamily of Antonio since 13 WARRIOR. *Thud* TTL is a wonderful inspiring tale based on a true story. And While Antonio has slimmed down he’s still yummy.
THE SENTINEL with Keifer Sutherland. His character is much like Jack on 24. And I was surprised by the baddie! I recommend it!

Until later~

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