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Did everyone see that an Avon Red is a RITA finalist? I think this is nifty news! One giant leap for erotic romance!

American Idol: Michael Johns & David Cook did great the other night!

My youngest daughter has a flute concert tonight.

OhmYgosh! Guess what arrived yesterday? OhmYgosh!The twins graduation announcements!

I've got big party plans for them in the works!

I'm having a sleep over with my mom on Saturday. :) We're going to watch old movies and eat lots of popcorn.

My dear friend Mari is in Cap May! I hope she's having lots of fun. Though I miss hanging out with her on IM.

My BFF and I are making plans for a weekend get-a-way to Indy in May! Slippery Noodle here we come! I can't wait to visit with her. She lives in Maine. :)

I am busy writing, researching and critiquing! :)

I'm getting my promo stuff gathered for RT. I can't wait!

I'm getting my hair cut on Monday. Lol... and no I'm not getting much cut off. :) Do I hear groans?

It's time to get my website updates together and send those off to Paula.

I've got a couple new story premises swirling around in my head. But no surprise there. :)

Until later~


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