Melissa Combs (melissalopez) wrote,
Melissa Combs

Review of Dark Sentinel

Here's what Steph B. from The Romance Studio had to say about Dark Sentinel. :)

This is a very good story about the possibility of redemption and that even people who have committed egregious crimes in the past may be able to do good. This story will have you questioning what you think about good verses evil. The heart has a marvelous ability to heal and forgive others but can we forgive ourselves? Nic has been punished for centuries in the Netherworld because of crimes of vengeance in his lifetime but is he really evil? Teva is surrounded by forces who wish to “sell” her soul, literally to the devil. Can she survive the attempts? And who is really the evil one, Nic or whoever is betraying her? Whether you believe in an afterlife, purgatory, or even hell doesn’t matter; this makes a very interesting story. Dark Sentinel is book one of a series of books about the Netherworld and it is a very good start. I will definitely be reading the next one to see what will happen next!

I'm thrilled! Thanks Steph B.!

Until later~

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