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Spring break is here!

Yes, I have all my beautiful babies home with me this week. Well, Megs' spring break was a couple weeks ago. But the little peeps and Nick are home. Nick's still in bed. We're taking bets on when he'll get up. :) I'm thinking 2ish, early afternoon.

This is the first year we have no real plans. I've got the Romantic Times convention coming up and the dh will probably have two weeks off in July when we'll do some traveling. *Whisper* And next year we're taking the brood to Disney World. :) We'll also be visiting the dh's family in Miami.

So, my goal for the week is to complete Riptide Love. Sigh. Daddy's passing away put me behind on a deadline I'd set for myself. But I'll be back on track soon. :)

Until later~

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