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After a busy week of writing on Riptide Love I had about three hours of sleep when I headed to the airport on Tuesday.

From Cleveland to Pittsburg was rough. I flew on a very small plane with the propellers hooked to the front of the wings without the casings many are housed inside. was so blasted loud. I'd wished for earplugs. And I can't describe the discomfort of the vibrations. Being visually challenged, I'm an auditory person. Afterwards, I was left disorientated.

Let's see... the taxi driver charged me $44 and something. Doesn't seem right, does it? Humph!

Once I made it into my room I discovered I'd forgotten a couple things. My poison ivy medicine. Sigh. Yes, I'm severely allergic and have been trying to get rid of a few patches for two months now. I also forgot my hand cream. Sigh. My hands get so dry sometimes.

I napped until the dh called to check on me.
My roomies Mechele and Sapphire arrived shortly after that. :)

For dinner we ate at the Spaghetti Warehouse with a few readers. The company was fun and the dinners yummy!

The night ended at the EC mixer. I remember meeting Eve Vaughn. Lol... Eve was amusing. Pattie APTB at EC wouldn't let me out of being announced at the EC party. I was concerned about being on stage...more importantly about falling off of it. Looking back, I'm glad she didn't let me off the hook. I got a kick out of walking out between Mari (Mo) and Mechele (Lany) my brilliant co-authors. I met Lacy Thorn. *Grin* Can anyone guess why I remember Lacy's name so easily? Also met the gracious Katherine Kingston. And several others whose names escape me now.

That's it for now. I've been busy. I caught up on the house and my e-mail. I had a nice long visit with mom yesterday. We've got a baseball game tonight.

Dark Chance final line edits are waiting for my attention.

Until later~

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