Melissa Combs (melissalopez) wrote,
Melissa Combs

Wednesday RT

I was lucky enough that we hooked up with Sam Cheever on our way down from our room. She was staying a few rooms down the hall. How cool was that? :) Sam and I'll be traveling to Lori Foster's together in June. I'm already looking forward to the event! Oh...while there I'll get to meet my Samhain editor Lindsey!

Back to RT. In hopes of beating the crowd we were in line to register early. Once through the growing line we put out our promo items in promo alley. I was thrilled our items didn't get moved around. Btw, I learned post-it notes are a huge hit. Mechele took hers and they went like hotcakes.

I believe this was the morning we ran into Lauren Dane and Megan Hart (I love the name Megan) in the elevator. The two put me in mind of one another. :)

I sat in on two workshops on vampires. The first I remember MaryJanice Davidson (Look MJ redesigned her site.) and Heather Gramham spoke. The second among others Kim Harrison and *fan girl squeal* L.A. Banks talked! OMG...I think L.A. is so flipping cool! Besides her writing and personality I love her voice! I believe Mari arrived half way through the first workshop. I love having quality time with my gal pals.

I think this was the day we had lunch at the pub where we caught up on life happenings. The food was good. I had a turkey club. But the service wasn't so hot and the wait was oh-so long!

In the afternoon I listened in on the workshop that covered the paranormal genre. Angela Knight (who I adore) and J.R. Ward were among the speakers. Mercy, J.R. is a powerhouse! I loved listening to her.

I love listening to others share their experience and knowledge.

The e-book fair was a bust and didn't go as planned. It was the first RT e-book fair so I'm sure it was a learning experience for everyone involved. Codes for readers to purchase the e-books didn't come around until the last half hour of the fair.

Angie James (who Mechele :) stalks) and Marty Mathews of Samhain came by and said hello. It was great to meet them.

I wasn't bummed though. I did have readers interested in Dark Sentinel. And lots of my Dark Sentinel cover flats were picked up. Bold Bride a Melany project was asked after as well. I'm looking forward to being able to get a collective promo item for my Thorns.

I sat between Christine London and Samantha Lucas. I really enjoyed talking to Samantha.

My night ended with the EC fantasy party. I'd wanted to go to the Loose Id dinner with Mechele but wasn't sure when the party would actually start. Hmm...Oddly enough, besides being announced as an author I can't recall much of that night. I was really tired by the time I collapsed in bed. To things about RT you need to know. Eat when you can. And don't expect to actually rest. Lol...

Until later~

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