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A nice Sunday surprise!

Torc's Salvation received a recommended read from Fallen Angels review.

“This is a story that as a reader I felt the highs and lows of this couple—the frustration of Torc trying to teach Ailyea to be self sufficient and of her trying to get him to understand she wanted him as much as he wanted her. I was there watching the shape shifters trying to stop the slavers and wanting to help them. The reader will be pulled into Ms. Logen’s story and not want to leave when that last page is turned. I hope she’ll give us more of this future worlds as the secondary characters deserve their own stories and the readers will want them. Torc’s Salvation is a book that any reader that loves a good futuristic story that will keep them turning the page will want on their keeper shelf. I highly recommend it to one and all. “

Reviewed by: Donna

I was very surprised to see Torc's Salvation a 10/06 release reviewed! Totally thrilled but surprised! Torc's Salvation has continues to find new readers each month. But I wonder if this review came about from the Torc Salvation bookmarks that were given out at RT? The Torc Salvation bookmarks have always been a big hit! I’ve heard more than once that it’s a keeper. ;)

Btw, again let me give a shout-out Ailyea is one of my all time favorite heroines. Mechele/Lany did a truly amazing job on her characterization. :)

Until later~

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