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Friday at RT

Now my brain is getting blurry with details. It’s been a while. I believe this was the morning that started off at the Ellora’s Cave Author brunch. *Whisper* I, with Sam Cheever at my side slipped out early. There were workshops we wanted to attend.

One on Urban Fantasy I felt I needed to attend. (Sam sat in on the Manga workshop.) *Grin* guess what happened? Mechele got stopped by APTB on her way out and encouraged to stay. I’m so glad she did! She collected my author star and an EC travel bag that was given out. It’s a really nice bag. She collected Sam’s goodies too. Mechele’s a good cookie!

I’ve been researching urban fantasy for a while now and got a lot out of listening to Kim Harrison & Mark Henry among others speak on the genre.

Next, I joined the Kensington spotlight. I’ve always been a Kate Duffy fan! She’s such an awesome speaker.

We went to the RT Awards luncheon. It was neat seeing all the pioneer authors listed. Nichole Jordan, Leigh Greenwood, Bertrice Small, and so, so many more. OH, Thea Devine was credited with being the first erotic romance author. I cried when (I believe it was) Cathy Maxwell accepted her award. She’d lost her husband to cancer. ;( I thought of dad. He’s been gone ten weeks now.

I was scheduled to sit at Samhain’s club RT table from 2-2:30 but it was closed during the awards.

Humph. I can’t recall what we did after the awards. We probably squeezed in another workshop or two.

Something really interesting… At 5 o’clock Mechele and I were supposed to be interviewed by RT as Melany Logen. We were contacted because we co-author. Instead Mari/Mo, Mechele, and I had a video interview. It was totally cool! I’m surprised at how relaxed I actually was. Sam tagged along for moral support. Oh…and Stacy was there! We’ve know Stacy for a few years now. I’ll post up a link when the interview goes live on RT’s website.

We then went to our rooms to dress for the vampire ball. Well, I rested since I didn't dress in costume. Pam wore a real fangs and a leather duster. She looked sharp! ;) Our party was split into two groups at dinner, Mechele, Pam and I sat at one table and Mari and Sam at another. OH…Phil arrived! I adore Mari’s husband!

The dinner theater production was way too long and the sound system poor. By the end it looked like half the crowd had left. At this point, we were able to unit our group. Afterward, the Impalers came on and played. I love, love, LOVE live music! Lots of 80’s covers including, Mechele’s all time favorite “Pour Some Sugar On Me.” Lots of great music and lots of dancing.

My roomies and I crashed sometime after midnight.

Until later~

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