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Thursday 13 things on my mind.

1. My dad’s been gone three months today. :(
2. Alys has an eye examine on the 20th.
3. We get the twins’ senior pictures back on the 28th! Megs is so excited to get those in her hands.
4. The twins graduate on the 31st! OhmYmercy…where has the years gone???
5. Baseball. I think the little peeps’ game is going to get rained out this evening.
6. Teacher conference. I have to meet Rafe’s teacher this afternoon.
7. *Wails* I want a new website….*Long dramatic sigh while kicking dusk bunnies*
8. Miller and Kaycee. I know. I know. I must write more to keep you two happy. I’ve not written in two days. Miller’s very impatient. Kaycee’s much nicer...doesn’t call me names like “useless bugger.” Humph.
9. Gas prices. Groceries prices. And the national election.
10. The Closer. I can’t wait until the new season starts in July! I’ve been seeing a preview or two running.
11. My dh. We were supposed to go out for lunch but in the end he made us lunch in. :) It was nice.
12. My cousin Debbie. *Eyes the phone* she owes me a call.
13. The “l” word. Sigh. I guess I need to get the rest of it done.

Until later~

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