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Did you hear?

The 2012 Super Bowl will be held in Indianapolis! *Woot* *Whoot* I'm completely thrilled!

I was also very saddened to hear about Senator Ted Kennedy's brain tumor. Only positive thoughts for him and his family.

Family front: The baby girl's nearsightedness has gotten a bit worse. She got a new eyeglasses prescription. It's strange how two of my children have glasses and two don't.

She's interested in band and plans to pick out an instrument to study. I wonder if she'll stick with playing longer than Megs did. Megs played a saxophone for two years.

And baby girl finally hit the baseball! :) I cheered so LOUD for her! Lol...I was so, so happy for her. She'd been rather blue about playing.

Song of His Soul

This is a Marissa project that's now with Mari's very capable muse.

I've sent the first few chapters of True Blue Love to my fabulous critique partner. I'm nervous to see what she thinks of the opening of Miller's story. I plan to write its story synopsis this coming weekend.

Speaking of critique partners... Have I mentioned Mechele’s new gorgeous website? And take a lookie here. A website contest! How neat! ;) Want to guess which ultra beautiful website got my vote? :)

Have you seen the E-Trade commercial with the baby who rents the clown with his earnings?'s so funny when the little guy says, "I under estimated the creepiness..."

You know, I totally agree. Since I gained my eyesight clowns have creeped me out.

I saw on the news that David Cook won American Idol! Yay! He’s so talented!

CSI Miami *Whimper* Caine was shot...and OhmYmercy...people- did it or did it not - end with Wolf coming off as a villain??? How will I survive until the new season kicks off? :) Oh yeah, The CLOSER starts a new season in July!

NCIS: *Wails* Gibbs got a new team! These finales are so awful! What will I do without Tony? I've adored him since I discovered him on Dark Angel (Dark Angel will remain one of my all time favorite shows.)

SHARK I'm so, so glad to see the psychopath wasn't killed off. I expect to see that bastard in the future. Well, if Shark makes it through the season. Need to ask Mom if she's heard anything on the show making it into another year.

Criminal Minds. Okay, my shows are really killing me on these blasted season finales. Someone tell me please…Who was blown up? I was only half watching the show as I dealt with my little peeps and tried to chat on-line with friends.

Until later~

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